Frozen Pipe, Jackson, GA

We can take care of water damage from a frozen pipe.

Here in Jackson, Georgia, the weather is temperate most of the year. At least a few times each winter, a freeze will come through the area, and your pipes might freeze. If your home had a frozen pipe that burst and caused damage to your home, call us at Fix the Drip! Plumbing Company, LLC to come and help you out.

Frozen Pipe in Jackson, Georgia

A frozen pipe can happen when water freezes and expands in one of your home’s pipes. Usually, this occurs in outdoor pipes and pipes that sit near an exterior wall. Although you can prevent your pipes from freezing in many cases, an unexpected freeze can lead to bursting pipes and water damage.

Once you have us come and fix the after-effects of a frozen pipe, we will replace all the components of your piping meticulously. We will restore your piping, so it is like the frozen pipe never happened.

While we are always happy to help you with the effects of a frozen pipe, we also want to help you prevent situations like this in the future. You can do this by leaving your sinks and tubs trickling overnight when it freezes, wrapping any exposed pipes outdoors, sealing leaks, keeping your cabinet doors open, and insulating your pipes.

The next time a frozen pipe results in water bursting through your home, leave it to us to help you out. To schedule plumbing service or find out more about why you should choose us as your plumber, contact us today.

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