How a Leak Detection System Works for Your Home

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There is nothing more frustrating than finding a leaky pipe in your home, only to discover that it has caused water damage to other areas. Whether it is a tiny leak that has been dripping for a while or a major leak that comes on quickly, determining what to do with the leak and the aftermath can be difficult.

How a Leak Detection System Works for Your Home

Fortunately, there are protections you can put in place against leaks in your home. One of them is making sure to keep your plumbing fixtures in good condition. You should also replace old fixtures and pipes any time they pose a risk to your home. However, another great way to add a layer of protection to your home is with a leak detection system.

A leak detection system is designed to monitor the flow of water through your plumbing. Any time abnormal behavior is detected in your plumbing pipeline, the leak detection system will cut off water flow to your house by automatically closing a valve installed near the water entry point. This prevents escaping water from causing damage to other areas of your home.

What kinds of situations can be helped by having a leak detection system installed? Many! For example, a leak detection system could be beneficial in the event of a clogged toilet, a pipe bursting behind a wall, or a bathtub left running too long. The best part is that leak detection systems are typically programmable, so they can be adjusted according to the water usage in your home.

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