How Often Is Sump Pump Maintenance Needed?

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Although many homes with basements also have sump pumps, few people know how to take care of their sump pumps. Some do not even know what a sump pump is. At Fix the Drip! Plumbing Company, LLC we are here to provide clarification. But before we get into sump pump maintenance and how often it is needed, we need to explain what a sump pump does.

How Often Is Sump Pump Maintenance Needed?

A sump pump is located in the lowest point of the basement or crawlspace. There, it lies waiting submerged in a hole called a sump pit. When it rains and your home is at risk of flooding, the water will rise to a certain level, at which point the pump will turn on automatically and begin discharging the water to keep your basement dry. While your sump pump mostly works in the background without you noticing, it is important to pay it the proper attention at least once a year to keep it in good condition.

Annual sump pump maintenance helps with a few things. For instance, it allows for a professional inspection, during which we will examine important components like the check valve, backup power source, and alarm to make sure there are no issues present. We will also remove the sump pump from the pit, clean both, and then fill the pit with clean water again.

While annual sump pump maintenance can go far in keeping it in good condition, sump pumps need additional maintenance as well, though you may not always need a professional to handle it. If your sump pump disposes of washing machine water, the inlet will need to be cleaned monthly. If it does not dispose of washing machine water, cleaning the inlet every 3 to 4 months should suffice.