Pipe Repair Hacks: Quick Fixes Until Things Get Flowing Again

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If your pipes are clogged, leaking, or otherwise malfunctioning, chances are that your plumbing system is not working properly. Asking a professional about pipe repair options is undeniably the best course of action, even if you are not sure where to start. That is our job — at Fix the Drip! Plumbing Company, LLC, we understand that pipe repair can be overwhelming, but we always diagnose the issue quickly and accurately, so you can get back to your routine.

Pipe Repair Hacks: Quick Fixes Until Things Get Flowing Again

In the meantime, here are some temporary pipe repair ideas that should help stabilize the situation while you wait:

  • Pinhole leaks sometimes respond to quick fixes like a pipe repair clip (which involves measuring the hole, draining the pipe, and then clamping it closed). However, this should not be a long-term repair option. At best, this will buy you some time until a professional can get to it.
  • Repair tape is another common, even easier option — but it is not strong enough to hold the water back for very long. Use it in a pinch, but do not rely on it to last.
  • Try a water pipe epoxy. Just like it sounds, this is basically just a glue that you can apply to seal cracks or breaks until your plumber can get onto the scene and fix it completely.

These quick temporary fixes allow your appliances to still work while you wait. Depending on the severity of the situation and the timing of it, this can be a real lifesaver (think holidays or vacation days when you would rather be doing literally anything else). When you are ready for a professional to take a look at the situation, give us a call to help assess the situation and get things patched up securely.