The Quick Guide to Rental Property Purchasing and Management

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Ah, property investment. One of the most evergreen investment options out there, buying a residential or vacation rental property is excellent for building wealth and diversifying your portfolio. Want to get started on your dream property? Here’s how.

The Quick Guide to Rental Property Purchasing and Management

Is Rental Property Investment Right for You?

Before you jump into your landlord status dreams, it will be essential to consider your decision carefully. After all, it’s a big one! Let’s take a look at the particulars of rental property ownership.

  • You’ll have predictable monthly income coming in with fewer taxes.
  • You’ll earn income from the growth of the property market over time.
  • It will be challenging to liquidate your assets super quickly.
  • Management can be a time and money

The Basics of Property Purchasing

Being a landlord isn’t glamorous, nor is it easy. A lot goes into the sale – from finding the suitable unit to prepping it and deciding on reliable tenants. Below are some basics to sort out when you begin purchasing.

  • Investment properties typically require larger down payments than owner-occupied properties. A standard rate is a 20% down payment, for which you’ll need to figure out financing options (loan, refinancing, etc.) well in advance.
  • Your rental or vacation property will need to be well-situated. Look for proximity to parks, decent school districts, amenities, and public transportation.
  • Sort out your mortgage: for this, you’ll need a decent credit score (620 and above), an excellent debt-to-income ratio, and savings.
  • Effectively running your rental business means first taking care of essential legal matters, such as business formation. Find out what it takes to register an LLC in Georgia, then reach out to a formation service to streamline the process.
  • For both advice on how to search for properties in your ideal areas and to purchase the property itself, connect with a reputable and knowledgeable real estate agent.

Critical Responsibilities of Managing Your Rental

So you’ve bought the property – but the work doesn’t end there. Here are some other things to consider when managing your rental.

  • Be sure to properly screen your tenant and select them on their likelihood to pay rent on time and keep your property well-maintained
  • Manage your curb appeal by completing tree removal, sprucing up your fence, and adding plants.
  • Trust Fix the Drip! Plumbing Company for all your plumbing service and repair needs.
  • Ensure you’re not cutting losses through significant expenditures on maintenance or repairs. Essentially, your accounts should be showing profits.

Behind the scenes of being a landlord can be intense. Between the repairs and the tenant management, you may just be questioning your decision. But when that sweet monthly rental income comes in, it’ll all be worth it. Happy investing!