Three Easy Ways to Avoid a Plumbing Repair

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Whether you are a home or business owner, knowing how to care for your plumbing is an important part of routine maintenance. While most people feel that their plumbing is an “out of sight, out of mind” system, the truth is that there are proactive habits you can create to prevent the need for unexpected or major plumbing repair.

Three Easy Ways to Avoid a Plumbing Repair

Here are three easy ways to avoid a plumbing repair at your home or business:

  1. Avoid Clogs – One of the first and most effective ways to avoid an unexpected plumbing repair is to avoid clogs in your pipes and drains. Knowing what can and cannot go down the garbage disposal or flushed down the toilet can go a long way toward protecting your plumbing. If you are looking for some tips, check out this Reader’s Digest article with ideas on how you can avoid clogs.
  2. Identify Water Shut-Off – If someone asked you where the water shut-off valve is, would you know where to go? In fact, knowing the location of the water shut-off valve could save you a good bit of time and headaches when it comes to plumbing repair. If you discover a plumbing concern, shutting off the water to your home or business could prevent a major catastrophe. It also will give you and your plumber time to determine the cause of the problem and provide solutions.
  3. Take Care of the Small Issues – If you notice a small plumbing concern, taking care of it right away is another way to prevent an unexpected plumbing repair. From a drippy faucet to an unreliable toilet, correcting small issues before they turn into something bigger will ensure your plumbing system is working well for the long term.

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